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Mandolin Banjo Tuning

mandolin banjo tuning

    mandolin banjo
  • The mandolin-banjo should not be mistaken for the banjolin (which has only four strings), though their names are sometime interchanged. The mandolin-banjo is also known by its French name, "banjoline", but should not be confused with the Banjoline designed by Peabody.

  • An eight-string hybrid, having a mandolin neck attached to a zither-banjo type (closed hoop) of from 5.9 inch diameter.  Played mandolin fashion, like the banjolin, it provided a "doubling" instrument for orchestral players who were already familiar with "fifths" tunings.

  • Adjust (an engine) or balance (mechanical parts) so that a vehicle runs smoothly and efficiently

  • Action of the verb to tune; The calibration of a musical instrument to a standard pitch; The adjustment of a system or circuit to secure optimum performance

  • Adjust (a receiver circuit such as a radio or television) to the frequency of the required signal

  • In music, there are two common meanings for tuning: * Tuning practice, the act of tuning an instrument or voice. * Tuning systems, the various systems of pitches used to tune an instrument, and their theoretical basis.

  • (music) calibrating something (an instrument or electronic circuit) to a standard frequency

  • Adjust (a musical instrument) to the correct or uniform pitch

mandolin banjo tuning - Gold Tone

Gold Tone MB-850+ Mandolin

Gold Tone MB-850+ Mandolin

The Gold Tone Mandolin Banjo 850+ (MB-850+) is a great answer to the mandolin player looking for a new sound. Compared to a standard mandolin, the MB-850+ is louder and has quick response typical of a banjo body. A brass rod tone ring increases volume and the resonator promotes outward projection. Best of all, compared to its vintage predecessors, it retains proper tuning which has always been an issue. Whether you are new to mandolin or looking for a new sound to add to your arsenal, the MB-850+ may just be the sound you are looking for.

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Another Mt. Airy Moment, featuring Rafe Stefanini

Another Mt. Airy Moment, featuring Rafe Stefanini

The tune is "Wild Goose Chase." Rafe Stefanini, fiddle; Gail Gillespie, banjo; Jim Nelson, guitar; Jim Collier, mandolin; Clelia Stefanini, bass.



The Bluegrass group called "Cornfields and Crossroads" are tuning up their instruments getting ready to perform.

mandolin banjo tuning

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mandolin banjo tuning

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